AssessmentDuring your first visit to Jump Start Pediatric Therapy, we will ask questions about your child’s birth history, health history, daily activities, current challenges, and goals. The evaluation process typically includes both clinical observation and completion of a pediatric standardized assessment.



Physical Therapy Evaluation

A pediatric physical therapist will observe your child’s movement during play, recreational activities, and other everyday motor tasks. Please have your child dress in comfortable clothing that allows for free movement with supportive, non-slip shoes. If your child wears an orthotic device or uses adaptive equipment, please bring these items (or information about these items) to your child’s evaluation.

Occupational Therapy Evaluation

A pediatric occupational therapist will evaluate your child often in way that will look and feel like play. While this is happening the therapist will be making clinical observations about muscle tone, coordination and motor planning, fine motor skills, sensory processing, activities of daily living skills, problem solving and other functions related to neurological and motor development. Various standardized tests may be administered depending on the age of your child.

Speech Therapy Evaluation

A pediatric speech language pathologist will engage your child in play and observe his/her communication ability, language development, and speech sound characteristics. Depending on the age of your child, he or she may also be asked to answer specific questions from a standardized assessment.

Feeding and Swallowing Evaluation

A pediatric speech language pathologist will ask questions about your child’s food intake, food preferences, and eating history. The therapist will also give your child something to eat and drink to observe how he or she bites, chews, and swallows. You may be asked to bring a few of your child’s favorite foods. Please do not feed your child 1-2 hours before the feeding evaluation so he or she will be hungry and ready to eat.